A 35-year history of passion and innovation

From the very beginning, CMMI srl has continued to grow and invest in its company and know-how. We were thus able to increase the size of the company from a structural point of view, the team and the scope of our company. The quality and variety of our offers has increased too.

Our roots are founded in a long experience in the processing of metal raw materials and in a rich tradition of specialized Italian labor, a characteristic that has allowed us to carry out jobs all over the world.

azienda cmmi srl
saldatura metallo Cmmi
Italian manpower for international works

CMMI srl designs and manufactures road safety barriers and tailor-made works in Coccaglio (BS). Furthemore, it transports and assembles these devices from Russia to Mexico and throughout Europe. The ability to complete complex national and international jobs is a feature made possible thanks to a wide range of production capabilities, flexible services and attention to every detail throughout the production process that has always distinguished us.

Moreover, our continuous investments in personnel have allowed us to bring in skilled and competent professionals, from certified welding experts to metalworking specialists. In summary, a staff that will offer everything you need to complete your process quickly and with the highest quality.


CMMI values


Offer the best possible service with professionalism, experience and speed

People care

The health of employees and end users comes first, as does the relationship with the customer


Constantly investing in business growth to achieve excellent long-term results


CMMI srl promotes honesty, openness and responsibility towards its employees, customers and products in all its actions


Our purpose

Shaping your future through metalworking.

CMMI srl purpose is to make our customers satisfied and constantly inspired employees. Therefore we are determined to pursue gradual growth and ever-expanding innovation. Only through constant commitment and passion for work, we can transform your industrial project into something concrete that helps you achieve your goals.

saldatori specializzati e certificati

A look at the future

Bringing Italian know-how and workforce in metalworking all over the world.

We are oriented towards constant innovation to adapt to a costantly-chaning world. Our long-term goal is to consolidate relationships with current customers, improve our skills and transmit our knowledge in the international field, through large 100% made in Italy industrial carpentry projects.