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Industrial painting ovens

An industrial furnace is a heated chamber structure useful for generating extremely high temperatures for treating and conditioning different materials or curing metal coatings. These devices can be used for large or small volumes, depending on the need, and are commonly used for drying, strengthening, polymerization and cooking of parts and final products.

Thanks to its international experience, CMMI srl manufactures high quality industrial painting ovens for polymerization which, reaching high temperatures, allows to fix the compounds, strengthen the final product and increase the shelf life. Excellent performance, solidity and precision are the characteristics that identify our booths for heating with high degrees of heat. Depending on the project you will have to carry out and the particularities of each material, you can set the exact temperature to obtain the desired result. The heat will be emitted in a constant and uniform way inside the cabin, for optimal fixing at 360 degrees.

CMMI srl follows all phases of the work, from the purchase of materials, to construction and assembly, up to the installation and start-up of industrial painting ovens. To guarantee an excellent result, our team has been selected to offer you the best Italian workforce in metalworking, welding and assembly.