CMMI is a certified PAB manufacturer

Being a certified manufacturer of PAB road barriers ensures not only compliance with current regulations, but also the reliability and quality of the solutions offered to customers.
Safety is a crucial element when it comes to road infrastructure. PAB barriers are designed to minimize impacts and adverse effects in case of accidents, helping to save lives and reduce injuries. A certified manufacturer like CMMI can ensure that road barriers meet the required safety standards and are reliable in a variety of situations.


Certified Road Safety Barriers

CMMI srl is specialized and EN 1090-1 certified in the construction of road safety barriers in steel and corten. Also called guardrails, they are part of the containment systems of vehicles, extremely useful devices for the safety of people in the event of an accident or to prevent such events. Indeed, a quality road barrier makes it possible to redirect the driver who is leaving the road and to safeguard his health and others’.

A guardrail can be divided into three components: the base that serves to fix the barrier to the ground, the vertical metal pole that acts as a connection between the base and the top, and finally the steel beam. Each of the three components of the road safety barrier must have very high quality standards to best perform its protective function. CMMI srl has always assembled the guardrails with the utmost care, subjects the welds to various checks throughout the construction and uses the best materials, to ensure that the final product can withstand the impact of cars of different sizes and at variable speeds. To save people’s lives, care and attention to every single detail are essential.